Who am I and why am I blogging? #blogging101

The Book of Kells, an ancient Irish illuminated manuscript.

The Book of Kells, an ancient Irish illuminated manuscript.

The start of a New Year is always marked by resolutions, good intentions and enthusiasm to take on new challenges.  I am no exception when it comes to embracing these kinds of aspirations.  Since last summer I have started to dabble in the art of blogging which seems to satisfy a personal craving to write. I love the process of putting words on a page and rearranging them until they convey a message or tell a story to my satisfaction.  I suspect this is a built-in Celtic genetic trait – just think of all those ancient illuminated manuscripts like The Book of Kells.  So I am blogging because I enjoy it!  

In the course of my career I have written quite a few articles within the very conservative discipline of a scientific paper – introduction, materials and methods, results and discussion – but now I would like to try to take this a step further.  However I recognize that the communication of science to different audiences needs particular competencies and skills.  I am hoping that blogging will help me develop some of these skills.

In addition I have been so lucky to have had hugely interesting and enjoyable jobs working in research and environmental management.  While driving home in the evening I can reflect on something new I have seen, read or learned during the day.  For example today I read a paper on the ecological impact of non-native invasive species and saw a fabulous photograph of a long dangling lichen which looked like Santa’s beard.  It seems a bit selfish not to try to share some of this information and experience with a wider audience.

Finally I have been looking around for a blogging training course that I might be able to fit in, so I am hoping to keep up with the #blogging101 assignments in the evening after work.  But the new yoga term starts tomorrow night….


3 thoughts on “Who am I and why am I blogging? #blogging101

  1. welcome to the dabbling world of the dabblers who dabble just… because… we wish, need to express ourselves and let out all the other facets that compose our personalities, sometimes hidden away for a long time until the seed germinates and looks for the sun… lovely to read you!

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