Calling all Nature Bloggers in Wales! #blogging101

Exploring Skomer.  Photo © Warren Kovach.

Exploring Skomer. Photo © Warren Kovach.

Are you blogging about nature in Britain or Ireland?  Well, in theory you can link up with your community through the specialist network – UK & Ireland Nature Bloggers

The website says it is easy to join.  You just need to provide the following information:
– the blog’s title;
– the blog’s URL;
– the blog owner’s name (not for publication);
– the blog owner’s email address (not for publication).
And you get a badge to add to your site!

The location of registered bloggers is presented on a Map, so I decided to investigate the 9 nature bloggers in Wales but it proved to be a bit of sad investigation. So working north to south in Wales –
1. A Year in an Anglesey Wildlife Meadow – last post 16 April 2014.
2. RSPB Conwy – page not found! But it should be linked to here.
3. RSPB Glaslyn Ospreys – page not found! But it should be linked to here.
4. The Natural World of Wildlife – blog has been removed!
5. Near Aberystwyth – Sarah Cookson Blog Spot – Blog not found!
In addition the two blogs near Shrewsbury were not active.  But things improved a bit in South Wales –
6. Myky Speaks – Somewhere to get things off my chest – last post 23 January 2014.
7. Meadowlife at Hailey Park – last post 25 April 2011; most material moved to website.
8. Newport Wetlands was flag on the map with no weblink!
9. Wildlife Snapshots – yeah, last post 8 January 2015!

But do not despair I know there is more blogging talent out there in Wales. For example Megan Shersby (Assistant Environmental Engagement Officer with Radnorshire Wildlife Trust) at Barcode Ecology was recently nominated BBC Wildlife Magazine blogger of the week.  This was well deserved as her youthful enthusiasm rings from the computer screen. Check out her wildlife targets for 2015 – everyone needs to see a kingfisher!

I am also quite excited about the growing number of blogs from our fabulous Welsh Islands, especially The Skokholm Blog which has a very attractive layout – each post is well written and illustrated.   You get can get the latest news on Bardsey wildlife from the Bardsey Bird and Field Observatory.  Or a flavour for what it is like to live on Bardsey from the Porter Family, including talented photographer Ben. There is also an active RSPB supported blog from Ramsey Island (and for Newport Wetlands).  Seal and bird fans will love the blog from Skomer Island National Nature Reserve.

I am learning that part of the experience of blogging is building links with your blogging community and starting to interact with your readership.  So as a first step I am going to register my blog on the UK & Ireland Nature Bloggers website and I will ask others to do so.  Hopefully they can update their web links soon.  Please feel free to draw attention to other Welsh nature bloggers by adding comments below to this post.

Calling all Welsh Nature bloggers – let’s make the links and start a conversation!


This blog was developed as a #blogging101 assignment.


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