The Medicinal Waters of Llandrindod Wells #blogging101


The Rock Park Spa with its distinctive brickwork, Llandrindod Wells. Photo © C. Duigan.

Water always leaves me feeling fresh, energized and rejuvenated.  In Ireland I grew up drinking water from a limestone well.  The large metal kettle always on the kitchen stove was completely encrusted internally with deposits of calcium carbonate.  When it got too heavy to lift we had to hack away at the crust.  This hard water tasted good, especially a cold glass full drawn directly from the well with the hand-pump.  It made good tea, and of course, water and tea can cure everything that ails you.

The medicinal properties of water are also appreciated in Wales, especially in the ancient spa town of Llandrindod Wells.  The arrival of the train facilitated the development of this Victorian Spa Resort.  Long queues developed to collect a daily serving of water from white-coated attendants in The Pump Room.  Over 1,000 glasses of water were sold before 9 o’clock on one Bank Holiday.  A wide range of ailments were treated with different volumes and the types of mineral water available in Llandrindod Wells.

Water is good for you; the human body is about 70% water.  Drink a glass of water; enjoy it!

This blog was developed to address the #blogging101 Daily Prompt – Re-springing Your Step.  Tell us about the last experience you had that left you feeling fresh, energized, and rejuvenated.




Re-springing Your Step


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