The Poetry of Life in Inland Waters

In 1928 Kathleen E. Carpenter, a pioneering freshwater ecologist at Aberystwyth University, wrote the first freshwater ecology textbook in English.

The reviewer in the Journal of Ecology said: “Dr. Carpenter’s book is most attractively written, wide knowledge and accuracy of expression being combined with a very patent love for the scenery and inhabitants of British fresh waters.”

Kathleen Carpenter obviously tried to capture her feelings of love for the inhabitants of fresh water in the poetic author’s preface – read in this sound file.


I will be reading other extracts from “Life in Inland Waters” at my International Women’s Day lecture on the life of Kathleen Carpenter at Aberystwyth University on the evening of 7th March 2016 – details here.

5 thoughts on “The Poetry of Life in Inland Waters

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