Welcome to Uisce – Come share my fascination with water, wetlands and words from the Celtic fringe.

The Irish word for water, “uisce”, is shared between Ireland and Wales in the name of a river, the Usk.  The lands of Britain and Ireland are connected and separated by the waters of the Irish Sea.  Words, like water, breakdown barriers and shape their surroundings.

I have been shaped by living and working largely on the Celtic fringe in Ireland, Scotland and Wales.  Aquatic environments and their biota have been my source of fascination, inspiration and enjoyment.  I would like to try to pass on some of this pleasure to the readers of this blog.  I will referring to people and places encountered along the way and no doubt make occasional excursions on to other issues.

You might like to follow my unique blend of Irish, Welsh, environmental and cultural tweets @c_duigan.

I will also be using this site to develop a portfolio of science writing and podcasts.



Dr. Catherine Duigan was born in Ireland but now lives on Ynys Môn.

She is a graduate of University College Dublin where she studied the zooplankton of Irish Lakes.  At Aberystwyth University she did post-doctoral research on lakes in the High Atlas Mountains.  She developed the current classification of British lakes which is used in conservation assessments.  She is the author of a significant number of scientific publications and has co-written and edited the book, The Rivers of Wales.

Catherine is a trustee of the National Museum of Wales and she currently works for Natural Resources Wales but this blog is a personal venture.

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