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If you need an Irish voice to tell an Irish or Welsh story…….

St. Brigid’s Day 2020
Celebrating the creativity of Irish women – Invited by the Consul General for Ireland to be panel member for St. Brigid’s Day event at Temple of Peace, Cardiff.  With a focus on sustainability and renewal, I told the stories of my journey to and in Wales, alongside Yvonne Murphy (engineer), Emma Coulthard (musician) and Ailbhe Darcy (poet).  There was nature, music, poetry, concrete and fun!  Wonderful to meet members of the Irish diaspora in Wales and our friends.

Kathleen Carpenter
Video produced for the Iberian Association of Limnology – Pursuing diversity, inclusivity and equality for women scientists from @AIL_limnologia

rAdda – Listening to the Afon Adda, Bangor, 9 April 2016
Every autumn I give a lecture on river conservation in Memorial Hall at Bangor University.  I start by asking the students about their local home rivers – what is its name and what do you know about it? Then I ask them about Bangor’s river – does it have one?  Subjected to a history of urban development the Afon Adda now flows underground  a short distance from the lecture hall but you can still hear it.  In 2016 the Adda was the subject of a collaborative art project that involves observing and thinking about the river and its relationship with the city.


Fancy a Job? Graduate Employment Tips from Natural Resources Wales’ Dr. Catherine Duigan
Dr Catherine Duigan currently works for Natural Resources Wales, which was formed in 2013 by the merging of the Environment Agency Wales, the Forestry Commission and the Countryside Council for Wales (CCW), where she was initially employed in 1992. A few days ago I met with Catherine in a moderately trendy café to discuss her journey from education to employment and whether she had any tips for recent graduates looking for a job within the environmental sector.

The Poetry of Life in Inland Waters
The Author’s Preface to the first textbook in English on freshwater ecology – Life in Inland Waters by Kathleen E. Carpenter (1928) read by Catherine Duigan.


BBC iPM Radio 4 The Green Road
imageOn Saturday 19 September 2015 I was interviewed by Jennifer Tracey on being Irish and my identification with The Green Road novel by Anne Enright.

Interview starts at approximately 14:50