Science Writing Portfolio


This page will record my growing portfolio of science blogs for other projects and organisations.  Please get in touch if you think I can contribute to your project.

Natural Resources Wales
Peatlands for the Future
9 May 2016: Peatlands are one of Wales’ critical natural assets, with a fascinating environmental history and an important role in securing the future resilience of our environment. They provide a focus from some of my work at Natural Resources Wales included in this blog and associated board paper.

The Freshwater Blog
Kathleen Carpenter: The Mother of Freshwater Ecology.
8 March 2016:  In this guest post for International Women’s Day, Dr. Catherine Duigan draws from her research on Dr. Kathleen Carpenter (1891-1970), the ‘mother’ of freshwater ecology, to suggest insights and wisdom that Carpenter might offer to new generations of freshwater scientists.
Guest blog by Catherine Duigan.

The University of Nottingham – Weather Extremes Blog
Waltzing on Water
24 Nov. 2015: During extreme weather, a frozen lake can be a scientific, social and cultural event. In temperate regions, like Wales in winter, frozen lakes are mainly seen in inaccessible relatively high altitude mountainous areas.  Even here people pause to consider them; photograph them; paint them. They poke at the ice, peer through and estimate its thickness.  The reckless test how much weight it can support. An extreme weather event will freeze the entire surface of mountain lakes and even the larger and relatively low altitude lakes, making it an even more remarkable and recorded incident…..
Guest blog by Catherine Duigan and Sarah Davies.

The River Restoration Centre
The X-Factor -UK River Prize and Nigel Holmes Trophy
29 April 2015: For future applicants for the UK River Prize & Nigel Holmes Trophy, we thought we might let you in on a secret – each application is assessed and scored cross a range of criteria, including an enigmatic X Factor! This is really a challenge for the judges to identify a feature of each project which might be difficult to describe, but made the project special….
Guest blog by Catherine Duigan.

The River Restoration Centre
The Spirit of River Restoration – The UK River Prize and Nigel Holmes Trophy
30 March 2015: Martin and I met on the platform in Crewe, we were heading north to Penrith to meet up with the other members of the prize judging panel.  Working directly on river restoration projects throughout the UK means that Martin tends to orientate himself on the basis of the location of the nearest restoration project….
Guest blog by Catherine Duigan.

Geological Society of London
100 Great Geosites Nomination: Cwm Idwal National Nature Reserve
9 May 2014: Every year I bring students from Bangor University on a fieldtrip to Cwm Idwal in Snowdonia……
Nomination blog by Catherine Duigan.

Natur Cymru
After the Storm
24 March 2014: An account of the environmental changes observed on the Welsh coast during the storms of winter 2013-14.
Article by Catherine Duigan, Nicola Rimington, Paul Brazier and Raymond Roberts, Natural Resources Wales. (This article appeared in edition 50 of Natur Cymru magazine but there was not enough room for the photographs).

CEH Science News Blog
British lakes – boldly going where no lakes have gone before
28 October 2013: Three scientists at CEH, Natural Resources Wales and Queen Mary University London discuss the findings of a collaborative lake ecosystems project.
Guest blog by Dr Catherine Duigan (Head of the Marine and Freshwater Ecosystems Group, Natural Resources Wales, Bangor, @NatResWales), Prof Stephen Maberly (Head of the Lake Ecosystems Group at CEH), and Dr Jonathan Grey (Reader in Aquatic Ecology, QMUL).

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